Excel sum not updating

If any of the erroneous values in cells A4 through A6 are used in a test to determine if they are equal to zero – such as applying conditional formatting – result of the test will be incorrect because the summed values are not in fact equal to zero.

According to Microsoft, the source of these types of errors is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 754 floating-point standard requiring that numbers be stored in a binary format.

Maybe "save as a copy" would also work saving in directly, but i didn't tested it.

bad font export pdf in windows10 Multiple IF condition with text in CALC Referencing a Cell in other Document using Relative Path How do I get libreoffice to extrapolate a pattern with an increasing # of terms down a column?

To activate Precision As Displayed in Excel 2007, click the Office Button, Excel Options, and Advanced.

Scroll down the list until you reach the option labeled Set precision as displayed and check the corresponding box.

A casual inspection of the data – with perhaps the help of a calculator – reveals that the expected sum of the data is zero. One example: C2 D2 3000 =C2/423 When I edit C2 and press ENTER, D2 cell shows wrong value. If I press F2 to edit the formula and at the end of the formula I press a SPACE then ENTER it works.But if I edit D2 and I press SPACE (so I modify the D2 VALUE ) Calc can calculate the good value.F9 works but I think I should not have to use F9 all the time.

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